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Date 2019-05-24.17:59:50
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I don't have an AIX lying around to test so would you mind just running the test on `getaddrinfo` for AIX. A simple `python3 -c 'import socket; print(socket.getaddrinfo("fe80::1%1", 80))'` should fairly rapidly determine if there is a legitimate reason for the test to fail (ie. this is internal to `asyncio`) or if this is tied to the underlying AIX `getaddrinfo`.

The IPv6 Scoped Address Architecture RFC clearly indicates that `<addr>%<zone>` should be supported although it isn't a must. Hopefully there's a subtlety to `getaddrinfo` on AIX (maybe in the way the zone should be specified, I already had to fallback to numeric interfaces so the test would work on both Linux & Windows, I wouldn't be surprised if AIX had yet another syntax for it).

Also, it would be worthwhile to ensure that the patches mentioned by IBM are applied on the machine running the test.
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