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> WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN is defined by Include/internal/pycore_condvar.h (...)

It would be nice to get ride of #include <windows.h> in Python headers. The <windows.h> was introduced by this commit:

commit 2ebc5ce42a8a9e047e790aefbf9a94811569b2b6
Author: Eric Snow <>
Date:   Thu Sep 7 23:51:28 2017 -0600

    bpo-30860: Consolidate stateful runtime globals. (#3397)
    * group the (stateful) runtime globals into various topical structs
    * consolidate the topical structs under a single top-level _PyRuntimeState struct
    * add a script that helps identify runtime globals
    Other globals are excluded (see globals.txt and

The current problem is that we need the HANDLE type which comes from <windows.h> to get the full structure:

typedef struct _PyCOND_T
    HANDLE sem;
    int waiting; /* to allow PyCOND_SIGNAL to be a no-op */

I tried to avoid "HANDLE" using:

typedef struct _PyCOND_T
    void* sem;
    int waiting; /* to allow PyCOND_SIGNAL to be a no-op */

... but then pycore_condvar.h compilation fails on "typedef CRITICAL_SECTION PyMUTEX_T;": CRITICAL_SECTION type is not defined :-(

By the way, Python still uses _PY_EMULATED_WIN_CV by default, whereas we want to drop Vista support: bpo-32592.
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