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> I'm assuming the real issue is wanting to make IronPython pass as much of the CPython test suite as possible.

This is indeed the case. The CPython test suite is invaluable in guiding IronPython development. Most of the time, the tests are pretty good to gloss over implementation artifacts (usually error messages), so that they work for IronPython as well, despite some differences between CPython and IronPython.

There are a few cases, however, when the tests expect behavior that is implementation-specific and difficult to match in IronPython, or is proper Python but impossible to match for IronPython. For all such cases I would like to submit patches to the CPython repo, but I am new to this process. Should such case first be reported on bpo, python-dev, or just straight a github PR?

Sometimes, by writing additional tests for IronPython we discover what seems as possible bugs in CPython. I was planning to submit reports for them on bpo, assuming this is the proper place to discuss them, but perhaps python-dev is a better place.

> So fixing the tests to allow it either way sounds good.

A github PR is on its way.
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