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While the string method works pretty well, I do not think this is the best way. If 98% of multiline string will need deindenting, it is better to do it by default. For those 2% that do not need deintentation, it can be prohibited by adding the backslash followed by a newline at first position (except the start of the string). For example:

smile = '''\

 XX      X
    XXX   X
 XX      X


Yes, this is breaking change. But we have import from __future__ and FutureWarning. The plan may be:

3.9. Implement "from __future__ import deindent".
3.11. Emit a FutureWarning for multiline literals that will be changed by dedending if "from __future__ import deindent" is not specified.
3.13. Make it the default behavior.
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