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Author mrabarnett
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Date 2019-05-16.23:20:49
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I've just come across the same problem.

For future reference, adding the following code before using a Treeview widget will fix the problem:

def fixed_map(option):
    # Fix for setting text colour for Tkinter 8.6.9
    # From:
    # Returns the style map for 'option' with any styles starting with
    # ('!disabled', '!selected', ...) filtered out.

    # returns an empty list for missing options, so this
    # should be future-safe.
    return [elm for elm in'Treeview', query_opt=option) if
      elm[:2] != ('!disabled', '!selected')]

style = ttk.Style()'Treeview', foreground=fixed_map('foreground'),
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