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Date 2019-05-16.20:07:33
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For now, I am going to proceed to merge PR13245 and un-deprecate getfullargspec().

Being said that I would want to remark that if test suites are broken when deprecation warnings are emitted that is (1) their own choice, (2) precisely to detect when some deprecation is happening. If we apply some version of this reasoning to everything the standard library will not be able to deprecate anything (not even raise deprecation warnings!). We are talking again and again that we have a lot of old things in the standard library but it seems that removing them is also a problem.

I want to make clear that I understand the arguments here and this is why I am going to merge PR13245 and I also apologize for any pain this may cause, but I also would ask people for empathy towards the standard library, Python and core developers.

Regarding PEP570, getfullargspec() will report positional-only arguments as regular arguments.
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