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Author Aaron Hall
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Date 2019-05-15.17:04:45
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I've written three (or more) answers on Stack Overflow about how to use the functions in the traceback module, and I code Python all day long.

Embarrassing confession: I just recommended the wrong traceback function in email to fix the incorrect usage of another of these functions after pulling up the docs because. I corrected myself before anyone else could correct me, but I find these docstrings incredibly frustrating and problematic.

May I please give them a little more verbiage about their return values?


def format_tb(tb, limit=None):
    """A shorthand for 'format_list(extract_tb(tb, limit))'."""
    return extract_tb(tb, limit=limit).format()

should be:

def format_tb(tb, limit=None):
    """A shorthand for 'format_list(extract_tb(tb, limit))',
    which returns a list of strings ready for printing'.
    return extract_tb(tb, limit=limit).format()

In fact, perhaps the "shorthand" part is an implementation detail that may not even be correct (it doesn't immediately seem to be) and should be removed.
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