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Date 2019-05-13.09:28:25
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> And no, the undeprecation wasn't because of Python 2 (Py2 doesn't have getfullargspec() - it's a Py3 only API).

Python 3.8.0 is scheduled for: "3.8.0 final: Monday, 2019-10-21"

Something like 2 months before 2.7 end of support: 2019-12-31.

Does the "because of Python 2" still stand for Python 3.8?

A deprecating warning doesn't hurt: you are still able to run your code. Moreover, deprecating warnings are ignored by default (except in the __main__ module). I don't see what is the *practical* issue of deprecating getfullargspec().

getfullargspec() has to die sometimes, it's good to warn users, no :-)

Or is the *long term plan* to keep getfullargspec() forever?


I basically have no opinion on these questions. I'm more curious about the long term plan ;-)
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