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Author dhalbert
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Date 2019-05-13.00:43:59
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Fix tested and works! Comment from PR duplicated here.

I tested this fix by editing the 3.7.3 IDLE code by hand, and editing this test program as on a CIRCUITPY drive on Windows 10:

import time
i = 0
while True:
    i += 1

I typically test write flushing by editing a short program like this, and duplicating the print lines so that the size of the program grows by >512 bytes. This forces a rewrite of the FAT12 information because the program has increased in size by one or more filesystem blocks. Then I shrink it back down again. If file flushing doesn't happen immediately, the program will often throw a syntax error (because it's missing some blocks), or CircuitPython will get an I/O error, which is what happened before I patched IDLE.

So this looks good!
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