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Date 2019-05-10.21:53:03
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My mistake was not adding


to the configure script and then running

make install

(I know... read the README file)

gcc 8.3.0 doesn't like the Xcode system headers included by the .m files. I will dig into this now that I am using the proper build steps.

As a side note, I find it counter-intuitive that Mac/Makefile only gets invoked by 'make install' to build the Objective-C source files. IMHO they should be built by "make" and then installed by "make install". Forcing a build and install in one step can be dangerous and accidentally leave the system in an undesirable state when the build process fails with a partial install. Also, --enable-framework should use a subpath of --prefix by default for the framework installation instead of defaulting to /Library/Frameworks regardless of the --prefix setting.
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