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Thank you very much for your reply. 

Based on discussions above, consensuses are improving the zipfile documentation. 

And we (JUN-WEI SONG &  KunYu Chen) would like to work on this. 

With opinions of Serhiy Storchaka, Christian Heimes and the ideas we have, possible pitfalls are listed below.

    1. From file itself: 

        Decompression may fail due to an incorrect password, an 
        incorrect CRC checksum, an incorrect PKZIP format, an 
        unsupported compression method, or an unsupported decryption.
    2. File system: 

        Each file system has different limitations such as allowable 
        characters in directory entries, the max length of file name, 
        the max length of path name, the max size of single file, the 
        max number of files, the max number of files in a single 
        directory, etc. Decompression will fail as long as these 
        limitations are exceeded.

     3. Operating system: 

        The lack of memory or disk space would lead to decompression 
        failed (see also Zip Bomb). 

     4. Interrupt: 

        Users should be careful in interrupting the process of 
        decompression, such as control-C or killing the process during 
        decompression, which may result in incomplete decompression of 
        the archive.

    5. Different default behaviors: 

        Users should figure out different default extraction behaviors, 
        such as when extracting into the existing tree, it will 
        overwriting an existing file without asking, or  when in a 
        case-insensitive file system, it keeps only one file when 
        extracting an archive which contains many files that have the 
        same name but different case. 

Please let us know if anything’s missing.
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