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>Personally, I'd prefer removing the 'serve' target completely. make -C
>Doc htmlview should already cover most of its use cases. There is no
>deprecation period needed and there is already a replacement (and IMO
>better) for it.

Hi Berker,

When I have read your message, I was surprised because this target
already exists since 2010. It's true we can run the makefile with 

my current workflow is 

make -C Doc/ venv && make -C Doc/ html serve and open my browser at

but with your suggestion, I think it's better for us and also for the
contributors, just make -C Doc/ venv htmlview. This target will open the
browser with the result of the html build.

So, I have discussed with @Julien Palard and he told me that he did not
use the 'serve' target and he discovered the target via my issue.

But there will be an other issue, in the devguide, there is also a
'serve' target in the Makefile with a copy of tools/

But there is no htmlview target. 

For the moment, we have a common solution for the two project if we want
to show the result to the user, make serve.

We could:

* remove 'make serve' from CPython and Devguide
* remove tools/ from CPython and Devguide
* add htmlview to the DevGuide
* update the documentation 

+1 for removing the script and use htmlview.
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