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Date 2019-04-27.20:48:12
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PR 12989 fixes the Android issue and has been checked on the Android emulator at API 24.

Python is cross-compiled with '--enable-shared' and the python-config scripts give the expected result:

generic_x86_64:/data/local/tmp/python/bin $ python -c "from sysconfig import get_config_var; print(get_config_var('Py_ENABLE_SHARED'))"           
generic_x86_64:/data/local/tmp/python/bin $ sh python-config --libs                                
-lpython3.8d -ldl  -lm -lm 
generic_x86_64:/data/local/tmp/python/bin $ python --libs                         
-lpython3.8d -ldl -lm -lm
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