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Date 2019-04-25.23:22:09
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PyEval_ReInitThreads() is used internally by PyOS_AfterFork_Child(). I don't see the point of calling it directly. If you care of threads after fork, just call PyOS_AfterFork_Child(), no?

I propose to remove PyEval_ReInitThreads() from the public C API.

Problem: it's documented as a public function in High-level API of the Python Initialization API:

On the Internet, I found a single project calling directly this function, but it's only in a test used to the test Python threading API:

func TestThreadInitialization(t *testing.T) {

	assert.True(t, PyEval_ThreadsInitialized())


I don't think that the PyEval_ReInitThreads() call here makes any sense.
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