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Date 2019-04-24.11:39:46
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OK, vstinner asked me for more explanation:

 * we at openSUSE are as opposed to rpath as Fedora developers (actually, is stolen from Fedora wiki, apparently)

 * none of Python packages (python2, python3 in all various *SUSE related distributions) has the mentioned patch

 * in all 11794 SPEC files in openSUSE Factory only 36 packages use chrpath (many other packages either patch ./configure or use various --disable-rpath options), and there is only one Python related package, python-cx_Freeze among them. Its SPEC file is , but I would think that is (being a compiler) quite specialized package which may do something strange.

 * We run rpmlint with checks for rpath enabled on all submissions to our build systems, so it shouldn't go unnoticed.

 * generally, it seems to me, that the patch is really unnecessary for us.
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