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> Since 2010, the Fedora packages of Python are using a patch on distutils UnixCCompiler to remove standard library path from rpath. The patch has been written by David Malcolm for Python 2.6.4:

Hum, in fact the initial patch author is: Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams.

The commit message says:

"fixup distutils/ to remove standard library path from rpath (patch 17)"

the specfile contains this comment:

# Fixup distutils/ to remove standard library path from rpath:
# Adapted from Patch0 in ivazquez' python3000 specfile, removing usage of
# super() as it's an old-style class

"ivazquez" is Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams who wrote an early version of the Python 3 specfile for Fedora and the rpath patch, but he stopped to contribute to Fedora around 2006. David Malcolm wrote the final specfile using Ignacio's patch.
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