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Author Alexander Riccio
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Date 2019-04-19.02:04:58
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One more thing, after I ran code analysis:

This is obviously a potential memory leak:
Warning	C6308	'realloc' might return null pointer: assigning null pointer to 'arr->items', which is passed as an argument to 'realloc', will cause the original memory block to be leaked.
cpython\parser\parsetok.c	38	

I found some sketchy code that isn't obviously correct. Here are a few of the warnings:

Warning	C6294	Ill-defined for-loop:  initial condition does not satisfy test.  Loop body not executed.
\cpython\modules\gcmodule.c	1377	

Warning	C6011	Dereferencing NULL pointer 'cmdline'. See line 230 for an earlier location where this can occur
\cpython\python\preconfig.c	242	
(cmdline is checked for nullness after several uses?)

And finally there's one warning where I have no clue what's going on:

Warning	C6386	Buffer overrun while writing to 'x_digits':  the writable size is '10' bytes, but '286331156' bytes might be written.	
\cpython\objects\longobject.c	2972
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