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Date 2019-04-14.12:35:27
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I am not sure if this justifies a new issue so I add this here.

The suffix parameter can also be used for a traversal attack. It is possible to completely clobber anything in dir and prefix (at least on Windows).

e.g. calling mkdtemp or NamedTemporaryFile with these paramers ...


Will result in a directory or file being created at C:/gotcha.

I also wonder if this would justify adding a warning to the documentation for all existing Python versions?

Quoting from the documentation of mkstemp (

> If prefix is specified, the file name will begin with that prefix; otherwise, a default prefix is used.
> If dir is specified, the file will be created in that directory [...]

As both claims are rendered untrue when using suffix in the above described way I think this should be amended.
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