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Date 2019-04-08.16:45:34
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When reviewing PR 12020 fixing an infinite loop in the e-mail module, I noticed that a *different* infinite loop is documented with a "# XXX" comment on line 2724:

This is triggered when the policy's `max_line_length` is set to be shorter than minimum line length required by the "RFC 2047 chrome". It can be reproduced with:

    from email.policy import default

    policy = default.clone(max_line_length=7) # max_line_length = 78
    policy.fold("Subject", "12345678")

I could not find an entry on the tracker for this bug, but it is documented in the source code itself, so maybe I just didn't try hard enough.

Related but distinct bugs: #33529, #33524

I will submit a patch to fix this.
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