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Check that PR 12708 fixes the bug:

Run the ubuntu:bpo-36544 image and enters bash as user pydev

    $ docker run -it ubuntu:bpo-36544

    As user pydev, clone python and fetch PR 12708, build python and import hashlib:

        e4cfd6f74c2b">pydev@e4cfd6f74c2b:~$ git clone -b master --single-branch --depth 1
        e4cfd6f74c2b">pydev@e4cfd6f74c2b:~$ cd cpython/ && ./configure && make
        e4cfd6f74c2b">pydev@e4cfd6f74c2b:~/cpython$ git fetch --depth 1 origin pull/12708/head:pr_12708 && git checkout pr_12708
        e4cfd6f74c2b">pydev@e4cfd6f74c2b:~/cpython$ make
        e4cfd6f74c2b">pydev@e4cfd6f74c2b:~/cpython$ ./python -c "import hashlib"
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