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This is yet one alternative to PEP 570. It does not solve all problems that PEP 570 is purposed to solve, but it significantly reduces the need in positional-only parameters.

Currently the problem with implementing in Python functions that should accept arbitrary keyword arguments is that argument names can conflict with names of other parameters (in particularly "self"). For example, look at the function

    def log(fmt, **kwargs):

You cannot call log('Format: {fmt}', fmt='binary'), because the argument for parameter "fmt" is specified twice: as positional argument and as keyword argument.

The idea is that if the function has the var-keyword parameter, then keyword arguments with names which match passed positional arguments will be saved into the var-keyword dict instead of be error.

The advantage of this idea over alternatives is that it does not need changing the user code. Implementing this feature will fix the user code that we do not even see. Most functions that otherwise would need positional only parameters (over 60 in the stdlib) will be automatically fixed by this feature. We could revert the deprecations added in issue36492 and simplify few functions that used the *args hack before.

The change itself is very simple, just modification of few lines in ceval.c and

The disadvantage is that it does not help with optional parameters. For example:

    def make_dict(dict=(), **kwargs):
        res = {}
        return res

make_dict(dict={}, list=[]) will still return {'list': []} instead of {'dict': {}, list: []}. You still need to use the *args hack to get the latter result. But there are not much such functions.

This idea was proposed by Steve [1].

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