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Date 2019-03-29.20:33:08
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Thanks for the report.  The difference in behavior appears to be due to a change in Tk. Using the 3.7.2 or .3 installers which use Tk 8.6.8, the colors are displayed.  But if I use a Python linked with Tk 8.6.9, the bars are not colored.  You can run the following commands in Python to verify which version of Tk is in use:

import tkinter
root = tkinter.Tk()'info', 'patchlevel')

In any case, there isn't likely anything Python can do about it as tkinter is pretty much a thin wrapper around calls to Tk and it's difficult to know what the expected Tk behavior is.  If you want to pursue this issue, I suggest bringing it up on a Tk forum or checking whether there is a Tk issue about it.

But I had luck! Doing a quick search, I found this Tk ticket which seems to describe your problem and does confirm that the behavior change was introduced in 8.6.9:
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