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Date 2019-03-26.12:55:39
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Python 3 is built frequently on the Fedora infra on AArch64 and the test_faulthandler test doesn't fail there. Recent example of build:

Direct link to AArch64 build logs (build.log):


0:02:37 load avg: 5.99 [177/414] test_faulthandler passed (41 sec 925 ms) -- running: test_concurrent_futures (1 min 30 sec)
0:03:10 load avg: 10.21 [190/414] test_faulthandler passed (1 min 2 sec) -- running: test_gdb (44 sec 52 ms), test_concurrent_futures (1 min 56 sec)

The test is run on a Python compiled in release mode then on a Python compiled in debug mode. The test pass in both cases.

I close the issue. It seems like the bug has been fixed indirectly since this bug has been reported.

Thanks for your bug report Andreas Schwab :-)
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