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Date 2019-03-23.15:38:48
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If we are writing xml with CDATA section and leaving non-empty indentation and new-line parameters, a parent node of the section will contain useless indentation, that will be parsed as a text.

>>>doc = minidom.Document()
>>>root = doc.createElement('root')
>>>node = doc.createElement('node')
>>>data = doc.createCDATASection('</data>')
>>>print(doc.toprettyxml(indent=‘  ‘ * 4)
<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<![CDATA[</data>]]>    </node>

If we try to parse this output doc, we won’t get CDATA value correctly.

Following code returns a string that contains only indentation characters:
>>>doc = minidom.parseString(xml_text)

Returns a string with CDATA value and indentation characters:

But we have a workaround:
>>>data.nodeType = data.TEXT_NODE
>>>print(doc.toprettyxml(indent=‘  ‘ * 4)
<?xml version="1.0" ?>

It will be parsed correctly:

But I think it will be better if we fix the writing function, which would set this as default behavior.
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