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Author Joel Croteau
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Date 2019-03-20.23:40:09
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I understand to a certain extent the logic in not allowing IPv4 octets that might ambiguously be octal, but in practice, it just seems like it creates additional parsing hassle needlessly. I have never in many years of working on many networked systems seen anyone use dotted octal format, it is actually specifically forbidden by RFC 3986 (, and it means that the ipaddress module throws exceptions on many perfectly valid IP addresses just because they have leading zeroes. Since the module doesn't support dotted octal or dotted hex anyway, this check seems a little pointless. If nothing else, there should be a way to disable this check by specifying that your IPs are in fact dotted decimal, otherwise it seems like it's just making you have to do extra parsing work or just write your own implementation.
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