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> Actually people do this all the time, to deactivate the logging of some third-party libraries (me included).

It would be better to set the level of those loggers to e.g. ERROR or CRITICAL rather than disabling them altogether - presumably if something bad happens in those packages, one would want to know!

> In addition, all public attributes ... can be set from `logging.config.dictConfig`, except the `disabled` attribute, which is inconsistent.

I don't especially want people to use `disabled` for this type of thing - the main reason for having it is that following an on-the-fly reconfiguration in a long-running process, some threads might still be active that contain references to now-unwanted loggers, and disabling makes those references inactive without the need to track them down. I would recommend using e.g. CRITICAL as a level for the use case you mention.
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