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Date 2019-03-15.06:03:18
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For reference an exact report on golang repo : . This seemed to have been fixed in latest golang release 1.12 and commit . The commit introduces a check for CTL characters and throws an error for URLs something similar to Python does for headers now at bf3e1c9b80e9.

func isCTL(r rune) bool {
	return r < ' ' || 0x7f <= r && r <= 0x9f

if strings.IndexFunc(ruri, isCTL) != -1 {
	return errors.New("net/http: can't write control character in Request.URL")

So below program used to work before go 1.12 setting a key on Redis but now it throws error : 

package main

import "fmt"
import "net/http"

func main() {
	resp, err := http.Get("\r\nSET test failure12\r\n:8080/test/?test=a")

➜  go version
go version go1.12 darwin/amd64
➜  go run urllib_vulnerability.go
SET test failure12
:8080/test/?test=a: net/url: invalid control character in URL

Looking more into the commit there seemed to be a solution towards escaping characters with . The fix seemed to have broke Google's internal tests [0] and hence reverted to have the above commit where only CTL characters were checked and raises an error. I think this is a tricky bug upon reading code reviews in the golang repo that has around 2-3 reports with a fix committed to be reverted later for a more conservative fix and the issue was reopened to target go 1.13 .

Thanks a lot for the report @ragdoll.guo

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