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Author remi.lapeyre
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Date 2019-03-13.11:19:59
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I'm not sure issue35542. I think this happens because while logging the recursion limit is hit which calls

The RecursionError is then handled by and cleared.

On subsequent calls the exception is not set anymore because `tstate->overflowed` equals 1 so we exit early before setting the exception again at

This goes on until the condition on pass which abort the interpreter.

I think there is two ways to solve the issue, either handle RecursionError explicitly in the logging module so we don't clear it inadvertently as there is no way to recover from it anyway or check if the exception has been cleared at and set it again.

Handling it explictly in the logging module would not help for code doing this elsewhere:

def rec():

I can submit a patch if you want.
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