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_Py_wgetcwd() call has been introduced by the following commit:

commit ee3784594b33c72c3fdca6a71892d22f14045ab6
Author: Nick Coghlan <>
Date:   Sun Mar 25 23:43:50 2018 +1000

    bpo-33053: -m now adds *starting* directory to sys.path (GH-6231) (#6236)
    Historically, -m added the empty string as sys.path
    zero, meaning it resolved imports against the current
    working directory, the same way -c and the interactive
    prompt do.
    This changes the sys.path initialisation to add the
    *starting* working directory as sys.path[0] instead,
    such that changes to the working directory while the
    program is running will have no effect on imports
    when using the -m switch.
    (cherry picked from commit d5d9e02dd3c6df06a8dd9ce75ee9b52976420a8b)

I don't think that it's correct to fail with a fatal error if the current directory no longer exist. Would it be possible to not add it to sys.path if it doesn't exist? Silently ignore the error.

@Nick: What do you think?
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