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In the absence of any other comments, here's my proposal.

* call SetDefaultDllDirectories() in Py_Main (i.e. not when embedded) to ensure secure search paths are always used
* ensure LoadLibrary when used in ctypes or importing will use the correct flags
* add sys._adddlldirectory() and sys._removedlldirectory() as CPython-specific functions for extending the search path (for use by packages currently modifying PATH at runtime)
* add check for KB2533623 to the installer and block if it is not present

Any thoughts? The only one I'm not 100% committed to is the SetDefaultDllDirectories call, but I'd rather ship it in alpha/beta releases and pull it out later if necessary. Passing the flags to LoadLibrary should have the same effect anyway, so I don't think changing the defaults in python.exe will make the current scenarios worse.
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