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* bpo-9009 discussed maintenance of Python/dtoa.c
* Python/dtoa.c asks to frequently update it from "upstream"
* The upstream is also mentioned in the license:

... in practice, it seems like Python became the "upstream". I see lot of changes, but I'm not sure that version maintained by David M. Gay on has been updated since Mark Dickinson copied it to Python/dtoa.c:

commit b08a53a99def3fa949643974f713b5b189e21bc7
Author: Mark Dickinson <>
Date:   Thu Apr 16 19:52:09 2009 +0000

    Issue #1580: use short float repr where possible.
     - incorporate and adapt David Gay's dtoa and strtod
       into the Python core
     - on platforms where we can use Gay's code (almost
       all!), repr(float) is based on the shortest
       sequence of decimal digits that rounds correctly.
     - add sys.float_repr_style attribute to indicate
       whether we're using Gay's code or not
     - add autoconf magic to detect and enable SSE2
       instructions on x86/gcc
     - slight change to repr and str:  repr switches
       to exponential notation at 1e16 instead of
       1e17, str switches at 1e11 instead of 1e12
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