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I have since learned the following about accessing tk widgets from non-main threads.
1. It seem to be reliable when tcl/tk is compiled with thread support but not when tcl/tk is not so compiled. (The latter is contrary to a claim in the doc.)
2. The tcl default is 'without' 8.5 and 'with' for 8.6, and PSF installers follow the default.  I am guessing that this is likely true for Linux distributions.
3. The 2.7 Windows installer currently includes 8.5.15.  The 3.5+ Windows installers include 8.6.z.  Hence the different results on my Windows machine.
4. Mac installers now use 8.6.z even, I believe, for 2.7.  I have the impression that the system tcl/tk for current Linux distributes is also 8.6.z.
Hence, the issue of tkinter thread safety is resolving itself.

I reran with 2.7.16 with the B config call disabled and it ran until I stopped it at 24 minutes.  Printing from a thread is not an issue on my machine.
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