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On Mar 7, 2019, at 07:38, Steve Dower <> wrote:
> Steve Dower <> added the comment:
> There are two features here, let's be clear about what we're removing.
> * extending sys.path with static (perhaps relative) directories
> * arbitrary code execution (following "import " statements)
> Only Barry wants to remove the first one, and the rest of us will push back hard enough to keep him in check ;)

Not true!  I’m okay with keeping the path extension feature, albeit with improvements:

* Loading of .pth files and path extension should be expressed in verbose (`python -v`) output
* It should be possible to much more easily debug .pth file loading (I believe there is a PR for this but
  I haven’t had time to look at it yet)
* It should be possible to prevent .pth file loading, likely via interpreter switch or environment
  variable, akin to -s/-S
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