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Only marking Python3.8, but this is a historical issue I have ignored as long as possible.

There are many - ancient and recent issues open around the extension module _curses - and over the years it appears many assumptions have come into the code (such as that says CPP needs to be expended with /usr/include/ncursesw, but not /usr/include/ncurses (which is what the ncurses project uses).

Further, Pyhton3 assumes that ncurses is the better solution, so if it can find a libncurses library that must be the best approach.

While ncurses might, all other things being equal, be a preferred library - it does not mean it is the best for all platforms.

On AIX - the assumptions made (at least where the include files are) tends to make it impossible to build the _cursesmodule in any form when a third-party ncurses is installed.

When ncurses is not installed _curses builds fine and _curses_panel is skipped.

I propose that "" - on AIX - specifies libcurses.a rather than libncurses - as the default.
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