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Author matrixise
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Date 2019-03-05.21:36:23
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./python -m test -W -u network -j0 -r -F test_asyncio

ERROR: test_start_tls_server_1 (test.test_asyncio.test_sslproto.SelectorStartTLSTests)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/stephane/src/", line 510, in test_start_tls_server_1
  File "/home/stephane/src/", line 589, in run_until_complete
    return future.result()
  File "/home/stephane/src/", line 503, in run_main
    await asyncio.wait_for(
  File "/home/stephane/src/", line 461, in wait_for
    raise exceptions.TimeoutError()


Ran 2044 tests in 113.604s

openssl 1.1.1b

revision: d8b3a98c9098c66a714fd5593e1928af0ffbc631
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