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Adding Łukasz for his RM opinion on Win7 support for 3.8.

According to PEP 11, we've already dropped support for Win7 without Service Pack 1. Win7 SP1 would be dropped ~2-3 months after 3.8 releases, which means we still have to support it for all of 3.8.

My concern is the KB2533623 I mentioned in the original post, which adds the ability to control the search path properly. I *think* it might be already included in Win7 SP1, in which case we're fine (I'm confirming this with some colleagues), but if it's optional on top of SP1 then I want to make it required for Python.

Alternatively, I'm totally happy to make a three month exception to PEP 11 and just drop Win7 completely for 3.8. But I think that needs to be made official as early as possible, and should get python-dev exposure.

Łukasz - thoughts?

(Yes, I incorrectly typed the KB number at the top. Apparently I regularly fail to type numbers into bpo for some reason... doesn't happen elsewhere?)
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