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> But think of the poor user who doesn’t have that expertise or ability to hack on an installed Python’s file.

This is actually part of the thinking behind the reportabug tool I started (and why when you format it as raw text you get the listing of everything in any directory on sys.path - mostly because I haven't added a Markdown rendering of that). If the answer is to enhance that and tell users "run `reportabug mybrokenmodule` and send me the output", well, that's why I put it on GitHub :)

I see no reason to hold up adding pth logging to -v, so anyone interested please feel free to do a PR.

The only reason I see to hold up PE 10131 (docs update) is because it documents the rationale for using arbitrary code execution in a pth file. Since we clearly want to get rid of it, I don't think we should in any way rationalize it in the docs.

Once these are done, I think we'll have to reevaluate whether .pth files are actually a problem in their normal behavior, and whether the benefit outweighs the cost. But since we're all agreed that they aren't easy to debug and contain features we all want to get rid of, there's not much point using the current state to do the cost/benefit analysis. Let's fix the bits we can fix first and then see where we stand.
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