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Date 2019-02-25.12:27:40
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> could we just remove the whole concept of heap allocated types?

I do have plans to start migrating more and more CPython modules to use heap allocated types. For example I have posixmodule up in the queue (PR10854) and a local change with all of _io migrated. I'm only blocked by having correct refcnts in these types.

So, yes, let's work towards migrating all the static types to heap-allocated types! I have the time and energy to embark on this huge task so you'll see more and more of these PRs from me in the future. :)

> First let's make heap types more usable and bug-free, and then it will be easier 

In that way, I agree with Petr, let's start by fixing the core issues first.

With all of that in mind, it seems to me that we are all agree on the current solution. Let's try to push this forward and merge the PR.
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