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Date 2019-02-24.03:55:57
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I don't think one 4-years-old anonymous report missing essential details, and not verified since, is sufficient to drive a doc change, especially since the Mac installer has switched from recommending ActiveState 8.5.18 to installing our own compilation of 8.6.8.  

On my MacBook Air with Mohave and 3.7.2, I added 'p__g' to the top of IDLE settings dialog font tab text sample and looked for glitches with various fonts and sizes. The only thing I found was with Optima 13.  The 'g' was the double loop ('eyeglasses') form and a bit of the bottom of the lower loop was gone or thin.  It was still easily recognized and the 'p__' part was unaffected.

I decided to document use of the font sample, including the possibility of changing face and size to avoid glitches.  Since the procedure is generic for any platform or character, I did not specify Mac or 'p_g'.
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