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Date 2019-02-23.16:57:47
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Clear documentation would go a long way toward onboarding package providers. Of course this does not solve the problem for packages with no active ongoing support for windows, and will annoy developers whose code base is full of `os.environ['PATH']` games. Perhaps the solution should come with a deprecation warning when setting `os.environ['PATH']`.

It would be very helpful if failure to import a pyd (or for that matter to open a DLL with ctypes) due to missing support dlls could be easily debugged. Right now we get a message from windows that seems to suggest the file was not found.
- Python could check if the file exists on disk and print a more helpful message
- A debug hook to print the dll search path at the time of the failed LoadLibraryEx call, or perhaps adding it as an attribute of the Exception (this might be nice to have on Linux as well, even though there the Exception already includes the name of the missing *.so).

Even better would be official python/Microsoft support for a CLI version of depends.exe like ldd on linux, but that seems much harder and is out of scope for this issue.
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