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Author Michael.Felt
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Date 2019-02-20.17:59:37
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I am still trying to get further with this, but I won't get far enough without some help on how to best dig deeper.

For one, it should be leaving a core dump, but it never seems to leave the core dump in the working directory. I know it is doing core dump because the "errpt" system tells me it is.

Further, anyone who can help me better understand messages such as:
Warning -- Dangling processes: {<SpawnProcess name='SyncManager-1168' pid=13041826 parent=6815746 stopped exitcode=-SIGSEGV>, <SpawnProcess name='SyncManager-1202' pid=8454174 parent=6815746 stopped exitcode=-SIGSEGV>}

All I can figure out is that the "parent" process has children that "die". Is there anything useful in the SpawnProcess name info?
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