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Date 2019-02-19.16:28:24
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I wrote a fix for bpo-36037 "test_ssl fails on RHEL8 strict OpenSSL configuration" which should fix test_ssl on Debian as well, but my change doesn't apply to Python 2.7 nor 3.6 since these Python versions lack SSLContext.minimum_version attribute (introduced in Python 3.7).

For Python 2.7 and 3.6, "export OPENSSL_CONF=/non-existing-file" is a workaround.

> I agree that we need to be more resistant to system configuration, but it doesn't seem worth holding 2.7 up for.

My fix requires SSLContext.minimum_version, but I'm not sure that it's ok to backport the attribute to Python 2.7 since Python 3.6 doesn't have it. IMHO "export OPENSSL_CONF=/non-existing-file" workaround is acceptable.
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