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Date 2019-02-19.10:41:11
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Here's an example of some code in the standard library that would have benefited from the availability of `pow(x, n, m)` for arbitrary negative n:

    if self._exp >= 0:
        exp_hash = pow(10, self._exp, _PyHASH_MODULUS)
        exp_hash = pow(_PyHASH_10INV, -self._exp, _PyHASH_MODULUS)


    _PyHASH_10INV = pow(10, _PyHASH_MODULUS - 2, _PyHASH_MODULUS)

With the proposed addition, that just becomes `pow(10, self._exp, _PyHASH_MODULUS)`, and the `_PyHASH_10INV` constant isn't needed any more.
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