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Date 2019-02-18.00:59:21
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This are the timings that I am measuring with PR 11907:

Variable and attribute read access:
   5.7 ns       read_local
   5.9 ns       read_nonlocal
  16.2 ns       read_global
  24.5 ns       read_builtin
  20.9 ns       read_classvar_from_class
  20.0 ns       read_classvar_from_instance
  29.7 ns       read_instancevar
  24.7 ns       read_instancevar_slots
  22.9 ns       read_namedtuple
  36.8 ns       read_boundmethod

Variable and attribute write access:
   6.9 ns       write_local
   6.9 ns       write_nonlocal
  26.7 ns       write_global
  65.4 ns       write_classvar <----- Down from 120.6 ns
  49.5 ns       write_instancevar
  34.5 ns       write_instancevar_slots
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