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Date 2019-02-16.23:34:44
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It seems 50% of the overhead (50ns) is due to two reasons:

- 30-40% is due to the call to update_slot(type, name) after the item is set in the class dictionary.

- 70-60% is due to all the extra work from _PyObject_GenericSetAttrWithDict until it ends calling  _PyObjectDict_SetItem with the slot. If in the code of typeobject.c:type_setattro you change:

res = _PyObject_GenericSetAttrWithDict((PyObject *)type, name, value, NULL);


PyObject* dictptr = _PyObject_GetDictPtr(type);
res = _PyObjectDict_SetItem(type, dictptr, name, value);

and delete the update_slot(type, name) call afterwards, the times are reduced to 50ns.
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