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> So is that a no for a regular .zip release here?

Correct, it's a no.

The main reason is because people use it wrong and get into trouble, and we don't want to support that. (More after the docs link below)

> If this is the final decision then I recommend at least mentioning NuGet prominently on here:

Agreed. It's already documented at and perhaps that's the better page to feature prominently on the download page?

Basically, the breakdown of packages we want to provide are:
* easy for "light interactive use" (Windows Store)
* full developer kit (regular installer)
* app-local redistributable (embeddable package)
* zero-impact CI install (nuget package)
* "install" from source (PC/layout script)

(Note the last is currently undocumented outside of the script itself, but I'm planning to write something soon.)

Adding more than this to our support burden is not desirable until we have more [highly responsive] volunteers (not even core committers, we're just at a point where technical support staff would be helpful).
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