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On Sat, Feb 16, 2019 at 8:32 AM jt <> wrote:
> Is nuget a standard windows utility?

No, but if your script can download a zip of Python, it could download
the nuget executable.

> What happens if that process is interrupted?

Same as interrupting an unzip operation.

> What happens if I install it twice to different folders?

NuGet installs are basically just an unzip process, so you simply have
2 different folders containing a Python installation.

> What happens if I want a specific python version?

Use '-Version <version-string>' as an option to 'nuget install'.
<version-string> can be any of the versions listed on

> Don't get me wrong maybe it can do all these things, but why on earth do I need this? I can even produce this .zip myself, just the regular installer run with /Q and then copy it, but I need to do that for each new release and everyone else who might need it will also need to do that.
> Is it really that much work to do this centrally once so it's available for everyone? After all the embeddable install is already available in such a way, it's just that being the stripped down embeddable version its use is limited

It is available to all and is provided by the Windows release manager,
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