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Gregory's last example reminded me that CMD checks for STATUS_CONTROL_C_EXIT for more than simply printing "^C". It also breaks out of a FOR loop when interactive and prompts to continue when executing a batch script.

Normally CMD also gets a console control event when the user presses Ctrl+C, so it knows about the Ctrl+C regardless of the child's exit status. One exception is when we start a process with a new console via CMD's `start` command. In this case CMD doesn't get a Ctrl+C event, since it's attached to a different console. Another exception is a simulated keyboard interrupt (e.g. from C raise SIGINT or Python _thread.interrupt_main). In these cases, CMD depends on the exit status value to determine whether the process was terminated by the default Ctrl+C handler. I've demonstrated this in the files winsig.bat and Put both in the same directory and run winsig.bat.
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