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> @Victor, do you see any problems with doing this?  It will help simplify other changes I'm working on.

I'm quite sure that they are users of the PyInterpreterState structure outside CPython internals and stdlib, but I expect that the number is quite low.

Since internal headers are now installed (I modified "make install" for that) (but need to define Py_BUILD_CORE), it might be acceptable to force users of this structure to opt-in for internal headers.

Just make sure that we properly communicate on such backward incompatible changes:

* "C API Changes" section of
* mail to python-dev

The bpo-35810 also proposes a subtle backward incompatible change which makes me unhappy, but Stefan Behnel seems less scared than me, so maybe it will be fine.

Maybe we need to organize a collective effort to better communicate on our backward incompatible C API changes. The capi-sig mailing list may be a good channel for that. I asked to test some popular C extensions to check that they are not broken. If it's the case, we should help them to be prepared for the new C API.
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