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AData> You log and output show that you problem is as described: package 'sound' is in directory "C:/" and "C:/" is not is sys.path.  Possible remedies:
1. Add "C:/" to sys.path at the top of each module that imports sound.  This is a nuisance.
2. Move the sound package to 'C:\\Users\\user\\AppData\\Local\\Programs\\Python\\Python37\\lib\\site-packages'.  This can also a nuisance.
3. Add a file named 'C.pth' and containing "C:/" to the site-packages.  ('pth' abbreviates 'path'.)  This makes C:/ an extension of site-packages.  But all the non-python stuff in C: likely makes this a bad idea.
4 (3 improved). Add a directory such as "C:/pyprojects", make the contents of the .pth file "C:/pyprojects", and move sound to pyprojects.  
This is what I have done.  When I install a new version of Python, I copy the .pth file to the new site-packeges directory.  Works great.
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